The story

It’s a Christmas story where OPIA’s little helpers asked « Santa Olafur Arnalds » if he was keen to provide some samples from his personal collection to create a new OPIA library for PianoBook’s advent calendar. Little did they know, the famous icelandic composer just finished working on some experimentations with tapes for a TV series and had a sample library in his basket…

Let us introduce to you « OPIA 2: Synth of Winter ».
Our first community library, OPIA: Glitch Toolkit has been very welcome on PianoBook and we wanted to thank you. We carefully read what you liked and disliked about our first project and did our best to give you this new one.

Firstly, we wanted to keep the fun vibe you liked so much on Glitch Toolkit so we worked on a proud descendant User Interface to give you smile while you compose some beautiful ambient pads.

Secondly, we heard you: « where is OA? », indeed he was well hidden in some patches in Glitch Toolkit but this time he’s the root of our sounds, and … Who knows, maybe we hid the dry OA patch ?

OPIA 2 is a small collection of ambient pads cold as winter and warm as a tape. We hope you’ll enjoy this as much as a hot chocolate.

So we wish you a Merry Christmas, and thank you Angus for trusting us.

Reviews for ÓPIA 2: Synths of Winter

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  • Sounds Like Christmas

    Love this team and the gift they created. The sounds make me feel like I'm traveling through a mystical winter wonderland. The User interface is absolutely wonderful oozing of character. My favorite is Kangs Christmas patch. TURN UP THAT CRUNCHYNESS! I very much appreciate all the teamwork that went into the production of this instrument. Thank you Heikki, ORA, Ben, ADNsound, and of course Olafur Arnalds.

    Owen BoligSamplist 01 February 2023