Orffestra by Sam Ecoff and Obolig

A wide variety of Orff instruments presented dry and processed through a variety of pedals

The story

First, a huge thank you to Oblig for collaborating with me. When I was a kid, my elementary school had a lovely collection of Orff instruments. It seemed to me that we never got to play with them as much as I wanted, and they always held a special spot in my heart. I remembered them as sounding so magical, and so delightful. Carl Orff wanted children to be able to play high quality instruments that fit their size. The fact that bars can be removed from the instruments facilitates limited pitch sets, which are great for kids, and excellent for people like me with poor aim and little to no skill at playing percussion instruments!

Orffestra Demonstration

Orffestra in the Highlights of the Month Video


Reviews for Orffestra by Sam Ecoff and Obolig

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  • Worth every penny!

    Excellent contribution to the library. Super useful with a diverse range of sounds and almost unlimited variety of sounds with the effects and mods. Thanks!

    ddailey22 July 2022
  • A Sample instrument that keeps on giving!

    So many things to love about this. The metallic tones especially get a ringing endorsement (Sorry)!
    It's like opening a Christmas present only to find every parcel contains more parcels - such fun to discover the range of beautifully sampled sounds, each with a fascinating array of effects. I can see so many uses for this instrument - it is indeed a tuned percussion orchestra in its own right..
    Love the slightly "distressed" GUI, and the way Sam and/or Obolig have thoughtfully suggested an accompanying ARP with each. I'm positive I will be exporing this for days!

    Steves-Lens21 July 2022
  • Fantastic Tuned Percussion Library!

    What You Get
    Soprano, alto, tenor Orff xylophones - sampled in mono & stereo -
    2 velocity levels (VLs), with 3 round-robins (RRs) at the softer level.
    Orff mini xylophone -
    2 VLs, with 3 RRs at each level.
    Metallophone - sampled with regular and 'muted' articulations -
    2 VLs, with 3 RRs at each level.
    Chime - sampled with 'mallet', 'muted', and 'stick' articulations -
    2 VLs.
    576 samples total - lot of great sampling work!

    All wrapped up in a Kontakt instrument that is fully kitted out with:
    - volume controls for each of the instruments/elements
    - on/off buttons for the various chime articulations
    - volume controls for both dry & pedal-processed sounds
    - a fully-functioning sequencer (up to 64 steps, with adjustable note-order, direction, rate, duration, swing, octave, repeats, and latching capability).
    - reverb & delay controls

    The samplists have provided a 'Master' patch, and then also 125+ presets that you can use to fully explore all the modulation, distortion, delay, and miscellaneous experimentation they got into!

    What I Liked
    Virtually everything about this library! I love tuned percussion, one of the perfect counterparts to a pad/drone, and useful in so many genres. A pile of capabilities in this one instrument, all at the fingertips. Hard to believe you can gain so much potential for music-making from 'children' or 'student' instruments.

    What I Would Wish For
    Hardly anything I could mention. This is a super-very-well-done instrument, from the sampling to the processing to the most-excellent GUI/controls.

    One little bug(?) I found - in the '01 Master' instrument, I could not get the 'Pedals' volume control to bring up any processed sound. I believe it's in the instrument, not just on my system, because I tried it on my Mac Mini and my Macbook Pro -- same results. However, I found that if I bring up one of the presets, I can get both the Dry and Pedal volume controls to work, and can go from there.

    Thanks, Sam & Obolig for this excellent library. It's certainly a keeper!

    LoFoMusic11 August 2022