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First, a huge thank you to Oblig for collaborating with me. When I was a kid, my elementary school had a lovely collection of Orff instruments. It seemed to me that we never got to play with them as much as I wanted, and they always held a special spot in my heart. I remembered them as sounding so magical, and so delightful. Carl Orff wanted children to be able to play high quality instruments that fit their size. The fact that bars can be removed from the instruments facilitates limited pitch sets, which are great for kids, and excellent for people like me with poor aim and little to no skill at playing percussion instruments!

Orffestra Demonstration

Orffestra in the Highlights of the Month Video


Reviews for Orffestra by Sam Ecoff and Obolig

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  • Inspiration
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  • Worth every penny!

    Excellent contribution to the library. Super useful with a diverse range of sounds and almost unlimited variety of sounds with the effects and mods. Thanks!

    ddailey22 July 2022
  • Fantastic!

    I'm very proud to call Sam my friend. We had attempted to make instruments together multiple times before this, but Orffestra was the first one we published. Sam provides so many different sounds in this pack. Arpeggiators are rare on Pianobook, and Sam did a wonderful job pairing this feature with his meticulously captured samples. What a great instrument!

    Owen BoligSamplist 27 January 2023
  • Blown Away

    Wow. This is a perfect instrument. Firstly, the Solaris soundtrack by Cliff Martinez is one of my all time favourites, and there are a couple of presets included that mimic that sound very well. Secondly, this is amazing. So many presets, so many options, so well recorded. The GUI is definitely one of the best and most useful I have come across. Thanks so much Sam and Obolig!

    Scott J MasonSamplist 29 September 2022
  • An inspirational gem

    Still new to this lovely library but it's given me instant inspiration and sounds incredible when using the arp panned left to right. Thank you Sam!

    Thomas Harding22 August 2022
  • The ultimate mallet tool.

    If you have spent some time in Pianobook, you know that a collaboration with such two names can only bring a magnificent result. Sam and Obolig have managed to create the ultimate mallet tool, like, literally. It has everything you can ask for, and more! And it's not just about the quantity of features. Everything is made with care for quality and perfection, packed in a beautiful and fully custom GUY experience that helps the user do whatever they want.

    This is a must have no matter the genre. It's just perfect.

    Alex Raptakis30 August 2022
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