The story

I’ve been in love with the tone of this electric guitar since the day I tested it. The microphone configuration with a single coil and double coil is the best of both worlds, creating a bright yet deep sound. Afterglow is the result of my efforts to transcribe the beautiful tone of this instrument.

Eight different articulations were captured, from very short muted notes to evolving 30 second performances.

Recorded through a D.I. box to capture the pure tone of the guitar, samples were re-amped through two classic tube amplifiers with a nice array of microphones at Tempo Loco Studios in Tours, France, for an immediate and rich sound.

Afterglow also features 15 custom Textures created from processed samples of the original recordings.

I hope you will enjoy Afterglow as much as I enjoyed making it!

If you want to discover Afterglow, I created a free DecentSampler demo version, limited to the first 3 octaves in Modern signal, with the 2 softest dynamic layers and 1 round robin. (1.6.11 DecentSampler version needed)

Product Info

Minimum Kontakt Player Version6.7
Round RobinsUp to 3
Velocity LayersUp to 5
Sound Quality24bit/ 48Khz
ArticulationsLong, Muted, Long Duo, Harmonics, Long Ensemble, Evolution, Myriad, Harmonic Myriad
Additional Features– 3 signals (Modern, Vintage, D.I.)
– 15 Textures
– 3 built-in effects
Operating SystemClick here to view Native Instrument’s Recommendations
StorageRecommended stored on an external SSD


Reviews for Afterglow

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • incredible

    I bought Afterglow and it's really a success.
    Gorgeous guitars and unique textures.
    It's really cheap compared to some plugins.
    " Chapeau bas " Fred Poirier.

    bertrand30 December 2022
  • Not just a Guitar Library

    What a beautiful instrument. Users are given 8 unique articulations for the Electric Guitar NKI. My personal favorites are Muted and Harmonics. The UI is simple and intuitive allowing you to immediately achieve your desired sound. BUT IT DOESN"T STOP THERE! Fred provides a second Texture NKI with processed sounds to fill your entire mix with 15 additional articulations. These include gentle swells, Lo-Fi plucks, and submerged voices. This is so much more than a Guitar library. Thank you Fred!

    Owen BoligSamplist 05 January 2023
  • Good Stuff!

    I'd been looking for a plugin like this for quite a while: a realistic, clean guitar sound that works great with ambient music. It sounds really nice, the added pads and effects are a real bonus, and the price is very reasonable; I definitely feel like I got my money's worth. My ONLY complaint would be that the velocity sensitivity is a little clumsy: it's really easy to go from soft to LOUD without trying. Maybe if I were a better keyboardist, but when I'm playing a part, certain notes undesirably jump out, volume wise. Other than that, I'm quite pleased with it.

    ding77712 January 2023