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Rob Asselstine’s Reviews

  • LOVE the UI as well as the PAK

    Wow Tobias - what a great addition to my library. I'd love to know more about the process you used to build the background png. I have just written an ALLELUIA for a choir - I will post it to PB demos once it's complete. Again - would love to know more about the UI BG. let me know if you can - [email protected]

    Mechanised Choir11 September 2022
  • Just what I was looking for

    I'm working on a track for a client and came to PB searching for the sound of the Harmonium and found Buwa's sample pack - the perfect sound for this project!

    Buwa’s Harmonium16 September 2022
  • Searching for a great Mandolin sound

    I'm working on a project right now in LPX and found a need for a great Mandolin sound. LPX had nothing to offer and none of my other sample libraries had anything either so where do I turn? Of course - right here and simply type MANDOLIN in the search box, looking for a DS version and voila! Thanks!

    The Lockdown Mandolin01 April 2022
  • Great work!

    Thanks for making this great sound available to the Pianobook universe! I can't wait to use this instrument - thanks!

    Legato Tin Whistle20 November 2021
  • Great work Pete!

    A wonderful sound with amazing texture - thanks for the great job Pete and welcome to the DS world!

    OMGAK01 April 2022