Robs Andean Quena Flute

A childhood bamboo flute....

The story

I’ve had this weird bamboo flute since I was a kid. I have no idea when or how it actually came into my possession but it’s been with my collection of odd musical instruments for as long as I can remember. As it turns out, it’s actually made from a stalk of sugar cane and originates from the Andes mountains in Peru – go figure! I’ve sampled only one note (D3) but spread the sample (exs file) over the entire keyboard. It can be played as a solo instrument which delivers a rather haunting sound (sample attached) or in chords which delivers a mellotron-isn texture (sample attached)


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  • Only one sampled note? I'd never guess!

    I can't really believe this is an instrument that has only one sampled note, because it feels amazing to play and to listen to. I immediately came up with some tunes and I was very impressed by it. Highly recommended! I am not sure why there was no Kontakt label in the thumbnail though - almost ignored it!

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Nice Ethnic Flute

    This is a nice sounding flute which brings to mind South American traditional music. It's great to have folk instruments here on PB! Used sparingly, this flute can sound pretty realistic, but when over-used, the realism fades quickly and the chiff attack catches the ears. A worthy addition to Piano Book, nonetheless.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • Folky Flute

    I really like it. It has a nice folky quality which I'd been looking for and sounds very mellow. The finite length of the notes is a little strange at first but I've found a use for it.

    NemoralisMusic13 October 2021
  • Soaring the Andes

    Find the right register and this works lovely, some notes seem to trigger easier than others, might be my keyboard, a bit of tweeking and it sounds good.

    Phil Wallace13 October 2021
  • A wonderful toy to tinker with

    I have a bit of a thing for less-standard instruments, be they folky, non-western, or just plain weird. That was my main motivation for downloading this library. Whilst I can definitely say that it is, in fact, a flute, and that it does what a flute should do, I found that it was a lot more fun, and a lot more useful, to use it in ways that might not have been intended. Playing it in a real low register, for instance, makes it into a killer drone, and adding a bit of reverb and release makes it a really neat pad! That said, there are some issues I have with the library. Though it's not entirely audible -and the reverb does do a nice job of covering it up- keen listeners will be able to hear quite a bit of noise in the samples. Some of them also have a strange low thumping noise in them, though I didn't notice that particular detail until I really started listening. The lack of a sustain, decay, and attack knob also limits the extent with which the instrument can be played, which is unfortunate as I think that that playing is exactly where its strongest points lie. With just those few extra controls, this instrument could be so much more versatile than it already is! Having said all that, I can't deny that it's a good library all in all. Definitely worth download if you want an fun toy to tinker with

    Hidde Pieters12 October 2021