Ada Maskil’s Reviews

  • Extremely interesting violin

    Not a violin for just any situation, but very fun to play with such a unique sound! I really like how all the presets are in one!? It actually took me a time or two to realize that I could click on which preset from inside DS, I'd like to try doing that for my next instrument. Also, the GUI! David's are always well thought out, and the artwork is clean and fits well, but the knobs are perfect for this instrument! As I play with each preset I do bring the reverb and room down to get acquainted with the instrument before bringing those knobs back up his presets are excellent starting points. The dynamic knob is great to have, and the slinky knob is a cool touch, it obviously changes the character a lot, but I adds a lot too and can help build intensity when used in combination with the dynamic knob.

    Slinky Violin06 November 2021
  • Truly a special instrument more ethnic than banjo

    I have been building a collection of unique sounding ethnic instruments to use in various projects and this is another favorite of mine added into that collection. The recording is excellent and there is a lot of personality and character that comes through. I will use this A LOT, but not necessarily as a traditional banjo.. my first thoughts went to a Biwa or Shamisen as well. Can't wait to write some big asian melodies using this 40 instrument from a flea market.

    Banjo Ukulele (Banjolele)07 November 2021
  • Where does he get those wonderful toys..

    Thank you again David for another personal favorite. The recording itself is fantastic on this, but the versatility of the different patches... I think my favorite might be the Hammers patch, it has that pluck sound that I can use for melodies or arpeggios, but it has this fantastic harsh edge to it. The Plucks are also great, but it was a really good idea building a Swarm style instrument out of this. I'm starting a new project this weekend and I'll be using this in it if I can. The 15 voice swarm, I found that I have to be careful how many notes to play, either single notes or very simple chords work the best. But the ability to switch 4 and 15 voices it awesome! Lastly, the Shimmer Blackhole is a really special ambient pad, almost having an element of metallic air. Fantastic instrument whether as a solo instrument or something really abstract.

  • Inspirational Accents

    Absolutely love this collection! The rhythmic presets are great for adding a layer of texture over some chords, whether synth or orchestra. I prefer the col legno but they both sound great, the col legno has a lot more of this scratchy darkness that I find really interesting when mixed in with another instrument. It can help give life to a recording that lacks human touch. Even though those presets get the main attention, I might like the tremolo even more. It is a completely different instrument, but is more playable and has an excellent sound. Try writing with the tremolo, and then layering on top the rhythmic presets

    Soft String Spurs Extras07 November 2021
  • Absolutely Inspiring!

    I have to give this one all 5 stars, not because it is the best all around piano, but because it nails the vibe that this piano is best suited for. There is a huge amount of authentic character to this slightly tangy upright. The level of controls you added for customizing the mechanical sounds like key press and pedal, really adds a layer of complexity that makes each persons version of the piano a bit special. Likely, the most important thing about this piano is that the sound resonates with my composing style just right. I sat down and immediately wrote a super moody/melancholic piano piece. An excellent piano to for a boost of inspiration and moody composing.

    Mickleburgh Piano11 November 2021