Andrew_Reeds’s Reviews

  • The God of Synth Patches

    Bloody hell, that's one god of a synth patch. So many controls, like I was holding a real synth. And the midi mappings allow for control from my smol Arturia Minilab's knobs, so almost feels like I'm holding the Microfreak. This is THE patch. Inspiration is peaking through the roof and unto my neighbour's house when I play this!

  • Welcome to the new world

    I'm usually not a fan of kalimbas but this made me reconsider. Wonderful job!

    OMGAK01 April 2022
  • 88 times the awesomeness

    Having 88 different pianos in 88 different keys is something I never would have imagined. The sound is moving and inspiring! Thank you!

    Chapters Piano01 April 2022
  • Soft

    I remember downloading the LABS Soft Piano and playing it for the first time. I felt something wonderful, something so different, so calming. This seemed to accentuate that feeling further.

    Triple Felt Experiment12 October 2021
  • Simply amazing!

    As a fellow Vital user myself, I thank you for making and sharing this sound, it is wonderful and sounds amazing. Keep up the work!

    Forgotten Guitar12 October 2021