The Synth Mallets

Mallet-like sounds from The Synth Orchestra...

  • Decent Sampler

The Synth Orchestra

Orchestral instruments created with synths...

  • SFZ


A combination of a Cello and a synthesizer...

  • SFZ

Long Piano

A soft-sounding reverberant piano processed through effects...

  • Decent Sampler
  • SFZ

Andrew_Reeds’s Reviews

  • Simply amazing!

    As a fellow Vital user myself, I thank you for making and sharing this sound, it is wonderful and sounds amazing. Keep up the work!

    Forgotten Guitar12 October 2021
  • Soft

    I remember downloading the LABS Soft Piano and playing it for the first time. I felt something wonderful, something so different, so calming. This seemed to accentuate that feeling further.

    Triple Felt Experiment12 October 2021