The story

Recently, a friend challenged me to make a track completely out of white, brown and pink noise. Besides creating other things, I also created a string sound that I came to like very much. So, I decided to share it with this awesome community. Thank You, Andrew Reeds


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  • A very well made retro synth!

    This is a simple but very nicely created synth sound that features this distinct retro signature that we all love. It feels very dynamic, it is sampled really well and it includes a nice reverb in case you like it wet, I certainly do, wink wink

    Alex Raptakis20 November 2021
  • You could add a lot of character with the included effects and make something unique! I'm glad you put this in a synth!

    It is a nice retro synth sound that many will find a use for. The effects & controls offer a lot of tools to color the sound! It is really well-thought out Decent instrument, thanks Andrew Reed!

    stealthflight18 January 2022
  • Really Nice!

    I liked this instrument so much! It's very inspiring and well recorded. My only gripe is that the editing of the start times of the samples is really loose and so the instrument feels really laggy. I don't know how to change that in Decent sampler, so I took the samples and made a Kontakt instrument out of them. I'm going to submit it, but I don't know if the powers that be will post it. I've seen other instruments with revised and different formats submitted by other users, so it will be an interesting experiment to see if they're still willing to accept revisions and format expansions from other users.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 November 2021
  • Wasnt Impressed at first but it grew on me.

    At first i wasn't that impressed by this. I just felt like it was a very basic synth sound that we all probably have in our stock DAW synths, not that i don't like it, it just didn't interest or inspire me. While I'm still not in love with it, the more i played around with it the more i found myself liking it. I think its biggest strength is that its eztremly dynamic so you can really play emotionally. The sound itself is nothing we haven't heard before but is very useful, especially today with the resurgence of retro pop. At first i thought i would delete this from my drive but i like it now. Even though i dont use these kinds of sounds often i think its useful to have around.

    septemberwalk20 November 2021