Alex Raptakis’s Reviews

  • Perfect for what it wants to offer

    From a crazy lead synth sound to a warm pad, this patch can really do everything and anything. It does a good job of giving you all the options you need to play around, create something unique, but also, to have fun! Very versatile, amazingly sampled and executed, and generously for free.

    9216 Sawtooths01 November 2021
  • Exceptional and truly inspiring!

    For me this is absolute perfection - An instrument with perfect sampling, unique sound, awesome programming, and on top of that, with a clean, matching and easy to read GUI design, that has everything you need.

    It's a very warm, old-school synthetic sound I'd say, that I really really like, and you definitely have to try it yourself. It's responsive, it's available for the entire range of the keyboard, it comes with full ADSR settings to alter the sound, along with reverb and delay settings that goes very well with it, and a "Rust" knob that makes it wobbly and nostalgic. What I really love about this though, which I find very inspiring and hard to find, is the fantastic arpeggiator. What you can do with it is simply phenomenal and well implemented.

    And all of the absolute perfection comes for free, in the total size of 75MB. Unbelievable. To the top!

    RUST28 April 2022
  • One of the best retro synths you will find!

    This is a true work of art, and if you are into synth sounds, this will definitely get a special place in your heart. Packed in an incredibly small amount of size, this patch might not seem a lot at first, but it packs some incredible potential. To get it out of the way, everything sounds incredible, and the design is very well-thought. All the options provided are a gift, and small details such as re-binding the modwheel to something else from a drop-down menu will be useful to many.

    What you might easily miss is the 22 different presets hidden different and well-labeled folders. If you are not satisfied with those, the enormous amount of well-designed settings and effects will help you shape the sound you are looking for.

    An instant and super easy recommendation to everyone!

    Simple 821 March 2022
  • Exceptional textured strings

    This is a finely crafted instrument that could be easily considered a premium one. It features 6 different textures coming from stringed instruments, and all of them seem just perfect. The sampling is sublime, and it plays very well too, with a nice full 5-octave range. It comes with an extra "Sub" slider, that I absolutely loved, and you will also find full ADSR controls, along with nice Reverb and Delay settings.

    With a nice and easy to read design, along with the fact that this is a DecentSampler instrument, makes it absolutely perfect overall. Amazing job by Venus Theory!

    28 April 2022
  • Great people bring great results!

    By reading about all the names involved in this, I subconsciously had very high expectations. And they were met in an instant! The all different patches are all about high-tier quality, lovely and unique tones, plus incredible aesthetics. What makes this far more incredible though is the "auto-handler" setting that you can find on the bottom right corner on each patch, which takes control of all the options available on the secondary panel.

    Inside this bundle you will also find some multi-patches which are all great, but I welcome everyone to try creating their own combinations of those sounds. The bonus "review" patch is also great and I can safely say it's my favourite, with the Aqua one being a close second!

    Incredible work by everyone, and thanks for this amazing contribution!

    pOrtals14 October 2022