Alex Raptakis’s Reviews

  • Perfect for what it wants to offer

    From a crazy lead synth sound to a warm pad, this patch can really do everything and anything. It does a good job of giving you all the options you need to play around, create something unique, but also, to have fun! Very versatile, amazingly sampled and executed, and generously for free.

    9216 Sawtooths01 November 2021
  • Perfection shouldn't be free

    This is an example of a library that seriously should NOT be free, since the amount of work done here is simply outrageously good. From the GUI being clean and beautiful with all the information needed right in front of you, and all the controls available right away - to the already-set keyswitches with the different playstyles, this instrument is just perfect.

    Keyswitches for 6 different styles: Sustain Evolutions, Harmonic Tremolo, Tremolo Crescendo, Light Tremolo, Col Legno, and Pizzicato Tremolo. Full ADSR controls, 3 different mixing sliders along with a pan knob, one for each instrument - Violin, Viola, Cello - and one for the room with the knob to swap the instrument placement. There is also a reverb effect slider included that in my opinion works really well.

    You will find some ECO patches as weool, that greatly drop the RAM usage, but the full version is already very, VERY small. Finally, when you mouseover any option, it will have a tooltip assigned to it at the bottom of the program.

    Again though, absolute per fection that could easily come with a price!

    String Textures01 December 2021
  • One of the best and unique pianos here

    While the extracted filesize of this entire instrument is 6GB, it's very well worth it, because this piano is very well made, but most importantly it has a very distinct sound that you need to check out yourself.

    The sampling job is excellent, the piano is noiseless, dynamic, with a very distinct sound signature. And even if that's not enough, it comes with some nice options in the GUI. And even if that's not enough either, it comes with an extra Felt patch. I have literally nothing to complain about. Good job!

    Home Piano01 December 2021
  • A swarm of colours!

    Don't let the black GUI fool you. This is a very colourful patch full of character and surprises! Other than a very small delay in the "main" sound in some notes, this is pure perfection. You will quickly realise that it is not intended to be played as a lead instrument by itself, so that delay doesn't really matter. Great combination, great execution, great everything!

  • Extraordinaire and very creative!

    I LOVED this, both for the idea and the execution! It's the definition of character and I feel honoured that Jon shared this with us. It's so wholesome and the quality is very high. In more detail you will find an ADSR setting, and individual volume sliders for each family member, in both wet and dry signals. I do wish the GUI was slightly different, but I don't want to take away the 5-star rating from this.

    The Meyer Choir15 October 2021