The story

RUST is a warm and worn-sounding Kontakt-based synth.

Hidden within the simple GUI is a wide range of sounds from wonky sounding keys to slow meandering pads. The arpeggiator is more powerful than it appears at first glance and can create almost generative patches using its hidden advanced settings. The onboard delay is not synced to tempo encouraging more unusual rhythmic experimentation.



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  • VHS vibes

    I love the sound of this instrument, especially when you turn up the 'rust' knob!!! It takes this synth right into nostalgic VHS vibes.

    Higher notes sound beautifully broken and the low notes are so smooth.

    The arpeggiator is a great addition and has already inspired me to start writing something new!

    Alyssa H22 April 2022
  • Exceptional and truly inspiring!

    For me this is absolute perfection - An instrument with perfect sampling, unique sound, awesome programming, and on top of that, with a clean, matching and easy to read GUI design, that has everything you need.

    It's a very warm, old-school synthetic sound I'd say, that I really really like, and you definitely have to try it yourself. It's responsive, it's available for the entire range of the keyboard, it comes with full ADSR settings to alter the sound, along with reverb and delay settings that goes very well with it, and a "Rust" knob that makes it wobbly and nostalgic. What I really love about this though, which I find very inspiring and hard to find, is the fantastic arpeggiator. What you can do with it is simply phenomenal and well implemented.

    And all of the absolute perfection comes for free, in the total size of 75MB. Unbelievable. To the top!

    Alex Raptakis28 April 2022
  • This inspired a whole new song for me!

    This synth is GREAT. I'm not too sure why it's free but I'm not complaining!!!

    It sounds fantastic and the rust knob adds the perfect amount of wobbliness to the sound to give it a worn, old tape machine feel. Download it!

    Carl P Music03 June 2022
  • Alluring sounds

    I have nothing but good things to say about this Kontakt synth! Both the sound and layout are magnificent. I'm finding it effortlessly inspiring and really fun to play.

    It's almost impossible to dial in a bad sound and the rust knob is a nice addition adding a tape style worble to the sound.


    darksideofthemoon15 July 2022
  • Whoa! Super Cool Synth Sounds!

    I have to say first and foremost that I love this little synth! JiKay has struck the perfect balance between character and usability. I have found this synth so incredibly inspiring. Simple as it is, all of the sounds that come out of it seem to prompt me to write a cue. It's just so good and so inspiring! It seems to have just the right options in terms of GUI parameters, and unlike other synths where you need to hunt for something that really sounds good and inspiring, I found inspiration at every turn. It just felt like it was tough to come up with something that didn't sound good. Congrats on an amazingly great instrument!!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 28 April 2022
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