Kyle Gray Young’s Reviews

  • Lovely tape piano!

    Very nice tape piano, David! Very well-recorded samples and high quality sound right out of the box. Quite inspirational to just sit and play. I'm looking forward to putting this in a track. I'm wondering if it's possible to apply a longer release to the tape hiss? Or maybe even have it always "on" when that knob is turned up. Sometimes the amp envelope is a bit too quick with the hiss. Otherwise, everything else is just lovely on this. The tape box is a nice touch on the GUI too. Thank you for this and for all of the great tutorials as well!

  • Lovely voices for a wonderful cause

    This is a nice instrument! Very clean, well-recorded samples. Right out of the box it sounds very nice. Thanks to the lovely GUI and simple controls, it doesn't take long to tweak the sounds to your liking. If I were to suggest any improvements, perhaps envelope controls on the GUI. This can make some really wonderful sounding pads with a slow attack. Kiitos, Heikki! Слава Україні!

    Unity14 May 2022
  • Stunning sounds right out of the box!

    I loved this instantly when I beta tested it and it's even better now! You don't need to do much to have instant vibes with this. With a short attack and release, you can get evolving textures that give me goosebumps. Set the attack and release to maximum, cutoff at about 12 o'clock, and add as much reverb as you can to get some lovely, ethereal pads. Playing with the cutoff knob in that scenario can really bring some nice movement to the pad. Just to echo what Sam said in his review, a high pass filter would indeed be nice on this. Well done! Looking forward to more instruments from you! :)

    Granular Flickers27 May 2022
  • Beautifully sampled flute, excellent use of effects

    This sounds wonderful right out of the box! I think that the reverb and delay parameters under the hood are perfectly tuned for this set of samples no matter which level you have them on. I'd love to have a little vibrato if possible with the new LFO feature in Decent Sampler. But I'm definitely going to keep this one in my collection for anything that needs some ethereal, almost choir-like chords. Melodies sound great on this as well. Thank you for this. Cheers!

    Wooden Flute09 September 2022
  • Nicely recorded "toy"

    It's wonderful when something that is merely deemed a "toy" can be used for musical purposes like this. I think the sample is recorded very well. I'm wondering if it would have some more character with some round robins or a few extra notes sampled and stretched further. Otherwise, it lives up to its name. It's simple and you have a lovely toy glockenspiel instantly available for whatever project you're working on.