Kyle Reddies’s Reviews

  • Unique sound with lots of possibilities.

    The samples have a lot of character and can be quite interesting with the use of some filters. Simple GUI with four control knobs. The parameters for the controls seemed unusual for me, I just left them at their default settings.
    Interesting samples to build unique sounds.

    Plastic Water Bottle Flute22 September 2022
  • Way more than a guitar

    Great sound right out of the box. It can be intimidating looking at a GUI full of knobs and sliders but with four presets, it is easy to jump right in and start playing. My favorite preset was "Lush" with the attack pulled back a little. Great chord sounds.

    Interesting instrument with a lot of possibilities! Thank you!

    Swallow Guitar23 September 2022
  • Rich with Great Low End

    This is a great pack with excellent range. Clean and simple but with great character and an amazing low end.
    The GUI is fun and quirky and is straightforward to use.
    The only thing I would like (and this is just icing on the cake really) would be some miscellaneous sounds like a muted string strumming sound or "drum" like sounds from the banjo body.
    Great Job and thanks for the samples!