The story

This library was compiled over many months with the hopes of having some foundational samples that I could use to create music in multiple genres. I also wanted to use this process to learn how to record and produce music using older analog gear. There was a lot of trial and error, and this project took way longer than I anticipated, but I learned a lot and had a blast. And although the creation of this library was arduous, I wanted it to be easy to use. I tried to keep this one as simple as possible while using inspiration from the audio gear used in recording. Using a reel-to-reel tape player from the 60’s is tricky but also simple.
Simple. Thats the driving force behind Red Tape. Line in, Line out.
Want some saturation and grit? How about some vintage tones with a bit a fuzz? Easy.
Turn a knob or flip a switch!

All four instruments were recorded on a vintage Teac 4010S reel to reel tape player using AMPEX 641 reel tape.
With round robin samples and multiple velocity layers, this library is great for classic rock, folk, lo-fi and old school hip hop.

ESP LTD 4 string bass guitar (finger plucks)
(48 samples)

PDP 5 piece drum kit with an extra 2 Meinl cymbals
(306 samples)

Electric Guitar
Fender Squire Strat (picked notes)
(279 samples)

Story and Clark upright piano
(144 samples)


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