NemoralisMusic’s Reviews

  • Gorgeous Guitar

    This instrument deserves it premium status. The sound is clean. The tone wonderful and it is simplicity itself to use. Marvellous.

    MG Soft Nylon Guitar23 May 2022
  • Tremendous Test (Tubes)

    I love this. All the patches are great and offer such a range of sounds. They are greatly adaptable with such a large number of parameters. The long pad patches are good and interesting and the glock is also brilliant. For some reason my attention is also drawn to the almost gong like qualities in lowest notes of the default.

    MTTR – Metal Test Tube Rack23 May 2022
  • Valiant Vocals

    Just wonderful sounds.

    Winter Voices29 December 2021
  • Right of Spring

    Simply Great. Oozing which character and clean sound and perfectly created.

    Spring Chimes20 April 2022
  • Original Organics

    These sound are great with plenty of variation available. I imagine loads of time and effort has gone into creating this and it has not been wasted.

    Organic Orchestra23 May 2022