The story

One of the theatres I work in has a brick fire escape leading down from the Gallery. The reverb has always intrigued me.
So I took a Korg field recorder, some stage paraphernalia and a drum stick and recorded some samples.
I’ve made the resulting recordings into this sample instrument. It is effectively a foley collection but I have formatted it as a GM drum kit.
The instrument consists of four different signals – the original, one pitch shifted down an octave, one shifted up an octave and a reversed signal. The matrix of sliders in the GUI allow the user to create their own mix of these signals.
Each sample has 4 round robins and there are two velocity layers.
It’s not groundbreaking but I hope people will be able to create some interesting ideas with it.
Have Fun.

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  • Love the reverberation

    Initially you might feel disoriented while exploring the samples by their respective labels ... but once you get your feet wet this instrument quickly yields warm and natural percussive sounds that linger in a wonderful reverberant space. This one grooves all by itself and was fun to play especially with the reversed sounds turned up. Thanks for this!

    Geoff Ereth26 April 2022
  • Whoa! Super tight and usable percussion!

    This library rocks. If you're looking for unique, super tight, instantly usable and inspiring percussion, look no further. Including the ability to blend in pitch shifted versions of the drums is genius. The sampling is excellent, and I found this sample pack super inspiring.

    It's worth noting that there's a lot of low end information in some of the samples that you'll probably want to EQ out, so I'll probably end up using this one multiple tracks so I can keep the lows in things like the kicks, but eliminate them from the other sounds. That's easy enough to work around, however.

    This is one of my favorite percussion downloads on Piano Book. Excellent work here!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 06 May 2022
  • It jumps out the speakers¡¡

    You can get a lot of variation from a small number of sounds. It has a very special room tone. Super clean samples. Responds well to compressors. Not only is it good for foley sounds as well but also as a battery kit. A different drum machine that jumps out of the speakers.

    Guillermo Rovira06 May 2022
  • A cool percussive kit with a reverse function!

    This is a simple home-made percussive kick that has the awesome setting of reversing any samples per category along with blending in higher or lower octaves. Each category is set based on the general drum midi map. This might make sense if you are familiar with it, but sound-wise it might make no sense at all, since the "Cymbal" category contains no cymbals, just stick hits, which also exist in the Tom section as well. It's a little all-over the place, but the sounds are nice, and there are enough round-robins to make it feel non-artifical.

    The samples are good, though I can hear some sub-frequencies that shouldn't be there. For example in the F#1, it literally sounds as if there is a kick and tom playing at the same time, so in general I recommend carefully EQing this.

    Alex Raptakis24 April 2022
  • You can get a lot from a stairwell!

    What you get
    A found-sound percussion library.
    2 kicks, 4 snares, 3 hats, 6 toms, 3 cymbals (18 total).
    each recorded @ 2 velocity levels, w/ 4 round robins.
    each w/ 4 treatments: original, -1 octave, +1 octave, reverse.
    18 x 2 x 4 x 4 = 576 samples total. Lot of work!

    What I liked
    This library was recommended to me after I asked about sounds for the 'lighter side' of percussion (vs. more epic libraries like Hammers or Momentum). The sounds are definitely lighter and more up-my-alley for the neoclassical/world genre I tend toward. They are varied enough to fill out many quick needs, and Jon placed the sounds in 'GM' order.

    It is true, this is a 'Foley' collection of sounds, but most are reminiscent of the category they are in, especially the kicks, the snares, and the hi-hats. So, not only usable as general percussion, but also as a light, clean, and modern-sounding trap drum kit. Great work recording these sounds!

    The various treatments (original/octave shifts/reverse) give you some extra room to broaden out the library's capabilities, and the sliders let you mix/match/blend any of the treatments at once.

    What I would wish for
    Not much is missing, especially anything you might be able to glean from a stairwell!

    I think it would be nice for the sounds to be enveloped such that aren't so dry when the 'reverb' knob is taken down. I'd like to hear more of that stairway, rather than relying on DS's reverb effect. (Note - you can get around this by holding down the hits, and allowing the envelope to sustain... rather than playing staccato.)

    One bug I noted -- it seemed, on my system, anyway, that I could not turn off the 'original' treatment of the 3 cymbals (C#2, D#2, E3). Maybe that part of the scripting needs checking. Or, it could be a bug that shows up for just me.

    Thanks Jon for some very usable sounds. I appreciate it! And thanks to Sam Ecoff for recommending.

    LoFoMusic10 August 2022