The story

This is one of two instruments I’ve created (lets call them the Cupboard series) as first attempts at sampling using Decent Sampler.
This the Percussion instrument. There is a Guitar instrument as well.

The name:
Cupboard – I’ve created these instruments whilst embarking on some covid related isolation in our new musicroom/studio/office which, due to its size (roughly though fortunately not exactly 2m cubed) has become nicknamed the cupboard.
Classical – The samples were recorded using my very first classical guitar. Bought second hand in the mid 90’s for about £30 and promptly restrung upside down (I’m left handed) it seems appropriate for a first sample instrument. The recordings were made using the £40 pickup (yes more than the guitar) I put in the bridge many years ago.

The instruments:
I prefer instruments where the variations are all within one GUI so they can be messed around with and blended so I have put 5 independent sets of samples in this.

The drum instrument features:
Orig – The original recordings
+8VA – One set up an octave
-8VA – One set down an octave
Back – A set of recordings reversed.
Main – This is the default signal and is combination of hits form the above signals.

These are experiments to see if some future ideas I have may work. Hopefully someone may find them of interest but either way I can now see for myself the joy of creating an instrument.

Thanks go to Pianobookers everywhere. Christian Henson and friends for Pianobook and Dave Hilowitz for Decent Sampler.

Reviews for Cupboard Classical Percussion

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  • Unique and very useful percussion!

    You know how it is with percussion libraries, you can REALLY not have enough of them! While this one is a very simple concept, it is made in a way that it offers more than you initially might have thought. I love all the sounds included, and I find the 8va idea very good, and nicely implemented. I think that such percussive sounds might be exceptional if you layer them properly, especially if you combine them with other libraries. You can generate a very big, epic, and unique sound very easily.

    As a con, the samples are not that dynamic and there is a slight white noise that fades out very quickly, but it's barely noticeable. There seem to be 4 round robins which is always great, and makes them sound more realistic instead of a synthetic repetitive sound.

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • Awesome and useful idea

    This is a really great idea. It's so handy to have guitar percussion sounds available. While of course they're cool to use in any percussion context, it's also great to use with solo acoustic guitar recordings. It really adds new life to them. My only complaint is that i wish the samples were more dynamic. I would gladly trade fewer samples for more dynamics. Ive always thought it would be cool to have a pack of these lying around so thanks so much for making it. They could even serve as the basis for some really cool sound design. You could turn this soft mellow "kick" sound into a huge punchy one

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Useful, flexible woody percussion.

    Equally useful as either "woody" sounding percussion or acoustic guitar "knocks". Adding the reverse plus octave up and down options is really useful. There is a little noise/hum associate with the samples which unfortunately is halfway between key - G1/G#1 - so depending on your use case you might want to tune it fit with your key.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021