The story

So…I realised that I had a number of samples in various flavours lurking on my hard drive. They are left over from ideas that didn’t quite work, assorted random thoughts and indeed some recordings so old I can’t recall what they were for in the first place.
I’ve cherry picked a few, layered them all together, added an additional pad sound created from the same sounds and released it all into the wild.
I’ve tried to create an instrument which gives maximum adaptability to the user.
It’s a bit odd but I hope someone may find use for it in some form.

The samples are stretched over the keyboard in two sections. Each has a dedicated volume control for user mixing so that a different combination can be used on the upper and lower halves of the keyboard (or indeed the same mix over the entire keyboard). The default is setup with the pad playing below middle C and a balance of the remaining signals above middle C.
There is also Attack, Release, HPF, Tone, Delay (Mix & Time) and Reverb controls which affect the whole instrument and. All the controllers are Midi CC assigned.

The samples are:
Cabasa – A Cabasa recorded goodness knows when or with what (if pushed I’d say and SE Electronics mic in the early 2000’s).
Chimes – Bar Chimes of a similar heritage.
Dulcimer – My guitar plucked between the top nut and tuning pegs.
Whistle – A cheap Irish Penny Whistle recorded with a Zoom H1N
Xyl – The one note xylophone I built for the Pianobook Global Swarm recorded with the H1N
Pads – A pad created from the above samples.

Enjoy…or shake you head in disbelief/sympathy/bewilderment.

The Midi CC assignments are as follows:

Lower Keyboard:
Cabasa CC#20
Chimes CC#21
Dulcimer CC#22
Whistle CC#23
Xyl CC#24
Pad CC#25

Upper Keyboard:
Cabasa CC#26
Chimes CC#27
Dulcimer CC#28
Whistle CC#29
Xyl CC#30
Pad CC#31

Attack CC#102
Release CC#103
HPF CC#104
Tone CC#105
Reverb CC#106

Delay CC#108
Del.Time CC#109

Pitch CC#3




Reviews for Cupboard Castoffs

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  • Different but fun all the same

    Great work - I like the way you can infinitely change the mix to create all sorts of different 'instruments', even better, you've assigned them all to MIDI CCs out of the box. It's akin to a synth in some ways and lends itself to evolving soundscapes, in my opinion. Genuinely a bit different, but certainly fun. Thank you.

    Giles M06 February 2023