The story

This is one of two instruments I’ve created (lets call them the Cupboard series) as first attempts at sampling using Decent Sampler.

This the Guitar instrument. There is a Percussion instrument as well.

The name:
Cupboard – I’ve created these instruments whilst embarking on some covid related isolation in our new musicroom/studio/office which, due to its size (roughly though fortunately not exactly 2m cubed) has become nicknamed the cupboard.
Classical – The samples were recorded using my very first classical guitar. Bought second hand in the mid 90’s for about £30 and promptly restrung upside down (I’m left handed) it seems appropriate for a first sample instrument. The recordings were made using the £40 pickup (yes more than the guitar) I put in the bridge many years ago.

The instruments:
I prefer instruments where the variations are all within one GUI so they can be messed around with and blended so I have put 4 independent sets of samples in this.

In the guitar Instrument:
Orig – The plain signal.
-8VA – What I refer to as the Christian Henson signal samples do seem to sound better pitch shifted down. This is all the samples down an octave and then played a the resulting pitch. So E3 is shifted to E2 and then can be played at E2, with the original recording if so desired.
Back1 – A long reversed signal.
Back2 – A short reversed signal.

These are experiments to see if some future ideas I have may work. Hopefully someone may find them of interest but either way I can now see for myself the joy of creating an instrument.

Thanks go to Pianobookers everywhere. Christian Henson and friends for Pianobook and Dave Hilowitz for Decent Sampler.

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  • A different take on the classical guitar

    I was not expective to find such options in this patch, and they honestly work great in both as an idea and in terms of execution. This is more than just a classical guitar sound.

    The extra faders-sliders will greatly alter the sound, offering the reversed signal effect in two different ways-timings, which can be mixed in any way you want. The resampled octave setting is also very interesting, and combined with the original signal makes this slightly synthetic sound, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The reverb also sounds good, so you can easily produce a nice and somehow unique sound fairly quickly.

    It comes with super good sampling and programming, and the fact that it's free by being available in DecentSampler makes it even better!

    Alex Raptakis18 December 2021
  • It's a Guikotochord !

    I don't really do straight up "guitar sounds" as being a keyboard player they never really sound like a convincing guitar. Thankfully this doesn't really sound like guitar, classical or otherwise. It has a interesting "hybrid" sound - part Koto, Harpsi/Clavichord, part guitar - with the guitar bit almost having that 80's pic'in with chorus/delay character to it. The octaves fatten it up and the reverses work well if you riff with the sustain pedal down and appear as seemingly random, but welcome surprises. I can definitely see this pulsating away in the background somewhere; just don't use it as a classical guitar - pretty please?

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
  • Not for me as a guitarist.

    As a guitarist i can never get behind these guitar libraries but a recognize they could be a good option for those who dont play. I really like the reverse textures in here and also the very low pitched down samples sound really cool and bassy. As for the actual guitar sound im not really a fan. It sounds really processed to me and more resembles a synth pluck guitar than an actual guitar. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and i know some people are into this type of sound but im personally not. The GUI is nice and offers some cool control but as far as the sound goes im personally not into it but i dont wanna dissuade anyone from trying it out themselves.

    septemberwalk18 December 2021