The story

What started out as a simple exploration of sounds for the Pianobook sample challenge, ended up being an entirely new instrument project.
I recorded many household objects, but this stainless-steel milk frothing mug interested me. Using a leather wrapped mallet, I found that if I strike it in just the right spot and with the right velocity that the frothing mug rang out almost perfectly in F.

I ended up with 2 velocity layers and 5 octaves of strikes. The next question was,” How is this all going to come together? It’s kind of a simple “Bell” instrument but is that all there is? ” I puzzled over this until late one night and a name came to mind. Being a milk frothing mug, I thought the play on Glockenspiel was almost too perfect. “Frothenspiel” And with the name came more ideas. In keeping with the espresso/milk frothing motif, I recorded my coffee bean grinder. Once the grinder reached full speed, it has a noticeable tone to it.
I don’t have an espresso machine, so I tried canned air. The canned air was great, as I let out more air it changed from a hiss to a gurgle, mimicking steam frothing milk.
And with these new samples came the Frothenspiel Pads.

The Frothenspiel pack includes two main groups of samples, bells and pads with 6 presets.
The Bells consist of samples that range from C3-C8 and have two velocity layers.
The Pads have 3 layers, Bell, Grind and Froth. These range from C2-C7.
All presets include Low and High pass filters,Reverb and Delay controls, while the Bells have a Chorus control and the Pads have a ADSR envelope control.

The Presets:
Bells- Clean and simple metalic strikes.
Jingle Jangle- Shimmery echoes.
Lead- Gritty saturated notes.
Pads- 3 blended layers
Ethereal- The Bell layer in space.
Deserted- Waves and wind with a bit of grit for sound design.


Delay Times- (.25=240bpm) (.5=120bpm) (.75=80bpm) (1=60bpm)


Reviews for Frothenspiel

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  • Frothy Fun

    Really nice instruments. There are lots of libraries featuring kitchen utensils and the like but this stands out to me. The recordings are crisp and clean and there are plenty of options. The straightforward 'Bells' is my favourite but some of the pads are also really pleasing.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 01 November 2022