The story

This wooden flute was purchased around 2005 in western Montana. I never practiced much and was never able to play much more than one little melody. Somehow this flute survived the years and the journey, so I decided to dust it off and share it with you!


New samples added(C3-B3). Samples are now categorized into two groups, “Natural” and “Looped”.
The Natural group has a natural trail off, iconic for Native American flutes, while the Looped groups is, you guessed it, looped samples.
These two groups can be switched using the Interface control or using key-switches (CC-43, CC-45).

There is also a new Vibrato element and two controls for that effect.


Reviews for Wooden Flute

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  • Beautifully sampled flute, excellent use of effects

    This sounds wonderful right out of the box! I think that the reverb and delay parameters under the hood are perfectly tuned for this set of samples no matter which level you have them on. I'd love to have a little vibrato if possible with the new LFO feature in Decent Sampler. But I'm definitely going to keep this one in my collection for anything that needs some ethereal, almost choir-like chords. Melodies sound great on this as well. Thank you for this. Cheers!

    Kyle Gray YoungSamplist 09 September 2022
  • Amazing work

    It's incredible how this instrument is recorded and the size of it too , I feel like I just got an amazing instrument without sacrifice my pc memory!
    Really great job , keep it up :)

    ARKAN01 October 2022
  • Incredible flute!

    I like the quality of this pack. The sounds are very well recorded and the range of notes is wide. It sounds especially good when the reverb is turned up to maximum and the lowpass filter is turned down a bit.

    I love that you integrated the option to choose the duration of each note, I think that's a plus for this free resource. The interface is nice; the image looks good and the position of the controls is appropriate.

    Undoubtedly, it is a highly recommended pack if you are looking to add that ethnic touch to your tracks.

    GuilleDSamplist 24 September 2022
  • Nice

    Nice flute, pretty clean samples. Good job!
    I hope there will be 1.2 with Legato

    Petr Knedlik08 May 2023
  • Nice and easy!

    A nice, well performed and nicely sampled flute, with a great and very airy characater to it. It comes in a very simple DecentSampler patch, with a minimal GUI that features a Low Pass Filter, a Reverb and a Delay, and it has a full 2 octave range with 3 round robins with each note sampled individually!

    Alex Raptakis07 September 2022
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