The story

I recently got a Story and Clark upright piano from someone locally. A lot of pianos move from one owner to another in my town. Most of them free, you just have to be there at the right time.
And on a cold and dreary day, I was finally able to pick one up. It was dusty, the keys had scotch tape on them, all the notes were flat with one key in serious need of some maintenance, and it smelled horribly of perfume.
It was beautiful.
I found it was manufactured in the early 60’s. After a week of getting to know each other, I recorded some samples.

This project started out has a piano sample pack. The original name was “Fable and Lewis”, a play on the piano’s name, Story and Clark. Fable being a type of story and Lewis from the explorers, Lewis and Clark. But at some point, I realized I would need to record more samples, a lot more.

I started to blend these piano samples with other instruments. I had some samples recorded from a Moog Mavis synthesizer and something just clicked together. A classic type of instrument with a modern instrument. The Old World with the New World. Wood and Steel. Lovers separated by time.

And with that a new name, “Fable and Clare”

This pack includes 4 presets.
“Tape Piano” is a fuzzy and old sounding piano with warble.
“Electric Piano” a classic EP sound with a little bit of Chorus.
“Synth Bass” is an analog sounding bass with a little bit of growl.
“Pads” is a slow building preset that carefully blends the piano into the synth. Foreboding in the low notes, dreamy in the mid notes and shimmery in the high notes.

I hope you enjoy!


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  • Minimalist

    It's a beautiful story. Inspiring combination of instruments. Thank you!

    vbug15 May 2023