The story

It’s the end of Summer in my part of the world. Everyone is packing away the swimming suits and air conditioners and pulling out the snow boots and parkas.
My air conditioner has been sitting in my living room just waiting to be put into storage. I will get to it soon, but as I was walking by it this morning, I ran my
hand across the plastic exhaust tube and immediately had an idea. I stretched the tube, set up the mic, and grabbed a drumstick. There really wasn’t a lot of different sounds so the recording went quickly. I ended up using the raw sample and a saturated sample. The saturated sample is crunchy and gritty.
These two groups can be controlled with the “1”(raw) and “2”(saturated) sliders.
With a little bit more experimenting I ended up with 2 layouts. The “Auto” layout is the sample being stretched automatically by Decent Sampler. This resulted in an extreme
speed change on both sides of Middle C.
The “Manual” layout consists of samples that I stretched manually and was less effected by the dramatic pitch changes.
This is for sound and fx creation. (C2-C7)

The GUI consists of a Low and High Pass Filters (LPF, HPF). Reverb and Delay controls(R, D) and a Vibrato element that you can control with two sliders(V, R).
There is also an envelope for further sound design(A, D, S, R).

Need a military tank sound? How about a dragon growl? or maybe some bone-chilling screams, either way theres alot to discover! Cheers!


Reviews for Tube Rattle

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  • Awesome for Sound Design

    This library really surprised me. The sound of the drumstick rattling on the tube is amazing and something that I haven't heard yet in that way. It sounds very deep and eerie in the low end and otherworldly in the higher range. I can immediately see how this could be super useful for horror and sci-fi genres. There is one dry and one saturated signal, which is also very useful. You also get a high pass and low pass filter, a reverb and delay and two vibrato controls. Definitely check this one out if you are looking for unusual sounds.

    AndromedaX826 September 2022
  • Curious and interesting

    I am more and more amazed at how diverse Pianobook packs can be. This is a clear example of that. I have never heard a sound like this pack before.

    The quality of this resource is outstanding, worth trying. I like that the controls are presented clearly and simply, without so many detours. The background image blends in quite well with the other elements. Also, I must highlight the fact that you are allowed to choose between auto and manual modes, that little detail is a great touch.

    GuilleDSamplist 27 September 2022
  • An excellent sound effect!

    This is a very nice rattling sound effect that can be tweaked in various ways. The most interesting part though is that, the speed of the rattle itself changes according to how high or low you play on the keybed. This can spark many ideas and makes it very versatile. All the included settings are nicely put into a smart DecentSampler design, and they help the sound shine even futher. I especially like adding the delay, since it greatly enhances the actual rattling.

    Alex Raptakis28 September 2022