The story

I found this small, battery-powered reel-to-reel recorder in a thrift shop. It was released in 1968, aimed at the American consumer market. After some initial experiments, I decided to put one of my favorite piano samples through it, which resulted in warbly, characterful sound.

I found this vintage reel to reel recorder at a thrift store


Reviews for Reel to Reel Tape Piano

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  • A free piano with a true character!

    Not only this is a charismatic piano with an amazing and truly unique character, it is also incredibly well sampled, it plays very nicely, and it comes for absolutely free via DecentSampler! This is an incredible tool, a gift I dare to say, packed in the unimaginable 50mb size. Absolutely brilliant job by David!

    Alex Raptakis04 April 2022
  • Simple and effective

    Great sounds for a chill lofi piano sound. Love the textures

    Tosis13 December 2022
  • I am always nostalgic about old day

    I am always nostalgic about the old days. I'm 28 years old and I started listening to music on a tape recorder too. You just took me back to the memory lane man. Also the warm sound. Thank you for this amazing time.

    harry123228 April 2022
  • Lovely tape piano!

    Very nice tape piano, David! Very well-recorded samples and high quality sound right out of the box. Quite inspirational to just sit and play. I'm looking forward to putting this in a track. I'm wondering if it's possible to apply a longer release to the tape hiss? Or maybe even have it always "on" when that knob is turned up. Sometimes the amp envelope is a bit too quick with the hiss. Otherwise, everything else is just lovely on this. The tape box is a nice touch on the GUI too. Thank you for this and for all of the great tutorials as well!

  • Moody and Nostalgic

    The sound makes me recall times gone by. I enjoy this. The warble is particularly nice, and the tape treatment pleasantly softens the piano character. Maybe lo-fi - but in a nice and purposeful way.

    durable03 June 2022
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