A small collection of vocal pads and scripted legatos created as a charity project for Ukraine.

The story


In the times of division and conflict, we wanted to create a small vocal instrument symbolizing the unity of people and different nations.

Volody – Peaceful
Olena – Sunlight
Iryna – Peace

This instrument contains 3 processed vocal patches, 2 from Ukraine and 1 from Russia, along with two scripted legato patches. In our initial plan there was going to be more singers, but most of the session singers available were unable to work as they had fled the country or were sheltering under ground.

The small mission of this instrument is to help those that live in the conflict zones or need help more than ever.
Please considering donation to the following charity instead of tipping for this instrument.


Peace out!

The team:

Heikki Ketola Project lead, sampling
Ben Berkenbosch Sampling
Miloslav Burda Scripting
Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie UI design

Elin Norberg Lead vocals

Created as a collaboration project in the OPIA community.

Reviews for Unity

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Lovely voices for a wonderful cause

    This is a nice instrument! Very clean, well-recorded samples. Right out of the box it sounds very nice. Thanks to the lovely GUI and simple controls, it doesn't take long to tweak the sounds to your liking. If I were to suggest any improvements, perhaps envelope controls on the GUI. This can make some really wonderful sounding pads with a slow attack. Kiitos, Heikki! Слава Україні!

    Kyle Gray Young14 May 2022
  • Gives you the chills!

    This is an incredible patch created with love in those terrible times people live in this modern day. The three separate vocal layers are able to create an amazing ambience filled with emotions, and it is guaranteed you will get chills down your spine. It is simple and straightforward, yet overall it is very well crafted and definitely recommended without a doubt.

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022
  • Full, rich vocal pad plus legatos

    A really beautiful sounding vocal pad and legato vox from a female and male soloist. The pad sounds really great and can be blended to taste from the 3 sounds. One of these 'Iryna' is the female vox, while 'Olena' sounds like some kind of organ or harmonium sound, and 'Volody' like a kind of vocoderised version of the male vox. I'm not sure why the clean male vox weren't used here as well since there was a huge range of available samples in the legato patch, and it would've been nice to be able to mix that into the pad. ADSR in the UI would also have been great as some of the notes have quite an aggressive attack which makes it harder to blend if you're moving between chords, though you can go under the hood and adjust attack there. Overall though it's a really nice instrument that sounds lovely out of the box.

    Eamon26 May 2022
  • Enjoyable

    I was lucky enough to get early access to this pack through the discord and have used it in two Pianobook demos (so far).

    I'm a sucker for vocal libraries at the best of times so this had me hooked. The mix with the Opia undertones gives it a real gravitas in the right circumstances.

    QorbeQ23 May 2022