Make your own dinosaur movie soundtrack with this collection of ominous and mysterious sounds!...

  • Kontakt

On the Tele

A mellow and spacious 1960s Telecaster...

  • Kontakt

Abecedarian Sitar

A "beginners" sitar full of family charm...

  • Decent Sampler
  • Kontakt

Ghost in the Lowrey

A 1960 model Lowrey organ, raised from the dead by sampling technology...

  • Kontakt

BrendanBeeBee’s Reviews

  • Good fun!

    Really cool retro computer synth sound, and fun to play right out of the box. The GUI is intuitive and responsive, which makes the instrument fun to play in a live setting.

    Beep Boop23 October 2021
  • Rich and expressive

    Beautiful UI and wonderfully rich tones! Love it!

    Niue18 October 2021
  • Lovely tone

    Excellent work! A down-to-earth sample instrument with no bells-n-whistles, just a sparkling, bright "woody" tone across a nice range of velocities.

    Studio One18 October 2021
  • Theatre seat rumbler!

    I love the drama of this one. Excellent character from just 5 samples! The GUI is clean and easy to use, and the instrument is indeed great in the low register. Turn it up loud to feel it rumble under your feet!

    Little Low17 October 2021