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Eoin O'Dowd’s Reviews

  • love the second patch "cracklebox2"

    As stated contains two .nki instruments. really loved the sound of the second instrument incredibly granular sounding as well as being somewhat musical. Tons of work went into these instruments. Both instruments contain 4 oscillators so one can change sound depending on requirement. The GUI is minimal black and white and very easy to navigate.

    27 June 2022
  • Massive collection of presets

    Tested the GUI everything seems to be working. The K4 apparently was released in 1989 a year before i was born and to be honest i love it. Sounds amazing although i will have to play with it some more. It's clear to see a lot of work went into this DecentSampler instrument. Thanks for sharing.

    Edit: this was tested on windows 10 64 bit and all setting work -however seems to be a problem with the mac version as stated in the reviews.

    Kawai K4 Collection11 February 2022
  • i love it

    Not only does it sound great but come in at around 38 mb download. the drums sound deep indicative of the fact the shells are birch. The recorded samples are nice and dry so adding plate or any reverb to them sounds great. This was tested with kontakt 7 and it's seems the styled knobs are not showing. Would love to see this as a decent sampler instrument. thanks for uploading this and phenomenal work for your first kontakt instrument.

    C75 Drums21 June 2023
  • A basic piano for kontakt 7 only

    it has a lot to offer in terms of variety the "original" piano has 4 velocity layers. sound great but would have loved to seem more basic controls on the perf view for example adsr. Not a big issue tho hence the good review.

    Not Just a Piano, Piano08 January 2023
  • A great selection of sounds

    The instrument consists of 5 patches as explained all work well and i love the "mallet 1" set of samples with the attack up i can hear almost a blown flute like sound. Everything works really well and sounds great and clean. the UI is simple, clean and easy to understand. my only fault is the mod wheel on the tremolos patch is all the way down and i can't hear anything when i load the patch until i adjust it. i look forward to more packs in the future. Thanks for this.

    FlowPluck21 June 2023