The story

Built with HISE audio and exported for the free and open source Rhapsody player, Layer engine is cross platform for mac win and linux. I have been working on this plugin for some time now and feel it’s in a very usable state.

What is Granular synthesis?

Granular synthesis is a way of making music and sound by chopping up tiny pieces of sound called “grains” and arranging them in various ways. Think of it like making a collage with small pictures. Each grain is like a tiny sound snippet, and when you put lots of them together, you create new and interesting sounds. You can control how the grains are arranged, how long they last, and how they overlap to create all sorts of unique and sometimes strange sounds. It’s like playing with sound Legos to make cool and unusual music or sound effects.

Layer engine comes with no presets or samples as the user granulates their own samples.

How to use:
1:Download the free rhapsody player plugin

2:Add the lwz file into rhapsody player

OS: Debian 9+, Windows 7+, MacOS 10.14+
Disk Space: 100MB

Plugin host that supports VST3 or AU
AAX (Pro Tools) is not supported
CPU: Intel/AMD/Apple Silicon Native


Eoin O'Dowd


Reviews for Layer Engine (granular synth)

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  • Great free granular synth

    It's simple... yet it works. There's plenty of room for improvement to add features such as sample's start position knob, an option for polyphonic on the granular section, etc.

    AxelBelnas012329 November 2023