Mark Lowrie’s Reviews

  • Options!

    This is a really strong pack. Options galore! While there is a bit of settling in time, the UI is well laid out, and utilises the real estate well. There is a plethora of parameters and I particularly liked the Glide and Crossfader tools. Automating the crossfader will certainly add to the depth of use.

    The sounds are interesting and work quite well together and are certainly in keeping with the theme. Obi Wan would feel right at home. :-) As others have mentioned, however, the tunings selected might present some challenges with pitch. It could be difficult to blend this with any other instrument for example when the selection here would pretty much rule the roost.

    Dusty Wave28 June 2022
  • A great package

    This is a really strong bundle - good, complimentary sounds, with plenty of control options combined with an interesting, themed, presentation layer. The presets suggest an array of interesting configurations as well.

    The 'on/off' switch seems a little redundant though - even a nuisance. It's a double-step to switch a sound on, and then slide it up.

    Corrosion27 June 2022
  • Sunken sounds

    This is a great blend of sounds that are indeed emblematic of the depths. The mix of multiple files for the sonar synth in particular really gells for me, and overall the three core sound groups are complimentary. I can can definitely see a use for this one.

    I love the cover image - very creative. I actually missed the Horn and Siren options until I had a look through the code... Doh!

    Submarine27 June 2022
  • Lots of depth

    This is a complex, multi-layered instrument. There is a multitude of options and parameters to manipulate that can keep you occupied for ages, but the presets give you immediately playable variations straight up as well. While the GUI looks quite busy upfront, it is in fact reasonably straight forward after a little familiarisation.

    A general comment - in that I think it is a Decent Sampler thing - is that (to my ear at least) when panning stereo files in DS, the impact is in fact to diminish one side of the stereo image rather than placing the full stereo image to one side. This means you are losing part of the content. For me, I'd more likely use the DAW stereo panners to more fully realise stereo panning.

    I found the 'E' channel sound file volume to be quite a bit louder than the others. And when using the Shepherd Falls preset, the panning for B seemed to be controlled from the C panner.

    SWooh-arrMR327 June 2022
  • History repeating!

    What a worthy sample task! Not only providing an interesting pack for us but preserving a little cultural heritage as well. Brilliant!

    I love the core tide organ sounds, and the added rambling horns add interest too. They add to the random nature of the tide organ nicely. The eight blending options also provide plenty of flexibility. The reverb, delay, sustain and release options are well chosen. My main issue is that the combinations of sounds within each slider changes as you progress up the keyboard, with no way of identifying where or why. The sounds at C1 on the loading setting are, for example, quite different to C3 or C4. Without reading the code, it is difficult to understand why. And some of the slider selections do not play for the full keyboard, even though the highlighted keyboard indicates that they should - a Decent Sampler feature but confusing nonetheless.

    The GUI is really good too - the main sliders are maybe a tad narrow: they can take a couple of clicks to grab.

    High Tide Organ30 June 2022