Guffland Ukulele

Sampled ukulele goodness!

The story

I’ve had this ukulele (a Peavey) lying around the house for several years. It’s a little unique in that it has a sound hole on the top of the body, as well as the front, which means the player hears it quite clearly over other noise (such as when playing with other musicians). I’ve used it on several recordings over time and really quite like it. Sampling it however gives me some additional flexibility in that I can quickly record an idea without having to go to the bother of setting up microphones, etc. The additional attack and release knobs allow for some ready additional sound manipulation options too. I have included four round-robins for each note, which are triggered randomly.



Reviews for Guffland Ukulele

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  • A bright and clean-sounding ukulele

    A really nice, bright ukulele sound that lends itself amazingly to some lazy suspended chords while daydreaming of being miles away on a sunny beach. Unlike many of its live and sampled brethren, there is no noticeable issue in tuning, so I feel like I can play it freely without needing to avoid specific notes or intervals. This will be the pack I reach for if I need a ukulele sound in the instrument's standard range. And a cheeky edit of the .dspreset to squeeze out a few extra notes in the low end probably won't do the instrument any harm if I happen to need those extra notes!
    Thanks Mark for another great, simple instrument.

    Eamon24 June 2022