The story

This drum kit has been sitting around taking up space for too long! I bought it during the COVID lockdowns for $100 to learn a little more about drum tuning but, not being a drummer, I have little use for it now. 🙂 I have built this pack as a record of the kit before its disposal takes place.

There are three round-robins and three velocities of most components. There’s an additional snare hit group with a tea towel draped over the drum. I recorded most of the kit using SM57 microphones (including the cymbals, as they were pretty harsh). For the snare, I used two mics, a top and bottom (with the phase flipped), both SM57s. I used an AKG D112 inside the kick, and an OPR U47 FET outside, and blended them. All tracks were recorded through Universal Audio API Unison preamps and processed with a little EQ, compression and saturation. The full kit has been stereo-imaged from the audience perspective.


Mark Lowrie


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  • Nice Sounding Kit

    Works for the Garage rock, Indie, Shoegaze stuff I'm writing at the moment. As is often the case, the mapping doesn't match any of the other kits I have, so I may eventually dig in to remap it.

    Sid07 February 2024