The story

Just a basic synth based on wavetable shapes and designed in Kontakt 6.7.0, This was just to experiment With the relatively new wavetable feature in Kontakt. I enjoyed making this synth and while it’s very basic in nature I had lot of fun playing and messing with it myself. I hope to maintain this and add new features over time. It’s a very small download but I hope it can be useful in some way even if only for novelty factor. Enjoy.

*Updated from ground up.
If you’re looking for wavetable files:


Eoin O'Dowd


Reviews for Layer Engine

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  • Simple synth sounds, with a twist!

    At a first glance, this is a basic synth instrument that is based on the basic synth shapes like saw, sine and square, but there are also many other settings that you can explore, in order to get a more unique and unexpected sound. My favourite has to be the "repeat" knob which is bound to the CC1/Modwheel by default, and the awesome thing about it is that you get a live feed of the wave length as you update it!

    As a small note, I'd recommend setting the default volume lower if you want to use one of the three first basic shapes, because by default those are very loud and they can even clip. In contrast, the rest can be very quiet.

    Alex Raptakis09 May 2022
  • A free wavetable synth!

    I struggle to know how to rate the instrument on a lot of these metrics like "sound" and "character", as the wavetables are from a third party.

    However, I love the visual feedback that this instrument provides in showing an actual graphical representation of the wave form. The available controls and effects are remarkable in their breadth and depth. Multiple styles of filters, phase, stereo width, phase and wavetable position (also controllable by mod wheel) give you a lot of control!

    I think the instrument would benefit from a "hover to discover" option on the controls. As it is, most knobs need to be moved before the on-screen display says which control it is.

    A very successful experiment and demonstration of the wavetable concept.

    Jake Hendriksen03 February 2023
  • A basic synthesizer, with basic shapes

    This is a good instrument, the programming is well done and it is highly playable. The name of the instrument also says it all, it is a synthesizer, with basic shapes. I like how it sounds, and everything is very straightforward to use.

    I personally think the idea is really cool, however, it would probably not be something I will use in my music. Mainly for the fact that it does not really add anything new to the table. But I am not going to complain, because it does what it says it does, and it does this great!

    I am excited to see what the future updates will bring to the table!!

    BenBerkenbosch25 September 2022