A basic layered 14 inch tongue drum played with a mallet for decent sampler...

The story

Had this drum from a good while and decided to record and sample it. The sounds are layered and processed in cecilia5 with the UltimateGrainer time stretch. The samples are then loaded with decent sampler format and both pad and one shot hit’s are combined. The microphone used was a shure beta 57a


Reviews for tongue

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  • Very funky tuning

    This is a very interesting instrument, because of its tuning. The sound is quite nice, with nice quality and very good resonance. There are a couple of issues with the tonality and how the samplers are layered on the keybed. The middle C is actually an E, so if you want it to sit properly consider putting it in -4st through the DS setting on the top right. After the middle E though, there are some undertones as well, which may seem weird if you want to use it for a lead melody, but it can do great as an abstract sound effect with lots of depth. It's up to everyone's imagination I guess!

    Alex Raptakis15 March 2022