The story

The sample i started with was from another pack i uploaded a while back of a single bowed violin. The sample was then processed in form and slowed down, from here i then used the auto sample plugin in logic pro to render out the exs instrument file. The samples and maps were imported into decent sampler and from here an initial .dspreset file was created.


Reviews for Firefly Strings

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  • String drones from hell!

    This is one of the most interesting instruments I've encountered on PB lately. With the size not even reaching 90MB, I was not expecting such a big and detailed sound. And that sound very textured, aggressive and with a big cinematic feel. The lows are deep and hell-like drones, the highs are crisp and intimate, and the mids just give you the chills.

    The minimal yet beautifully designed GUI is a perfect match, and it's not only about looks. The Attach and Release settigns are always good to have, the included Reverb is awesome, and you also get to have a chorus knob that enhances the textures, and two fliters (high and low pass).

    It is simply an incredible instrument, it is offered completely for free through DecentSampler, AND it comes in a ridiculously small size! Highly recommended, hands down!

    Alex Raptakis27 August 2022
  • Lush Strings

    This library surprised me. I wasn't expecting such a beautiful and warm string sound from such a little package but it sounds really great. You can add a nice chorus effect with the mod wheel, which is a cool idea. Overall a really cool little library with a big sound.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022
  • Industrial strings!

    I am impressed with the quality of this pack. The sound of these strings makes me imagine a dystopian future. It's as if the sounds of synthetic strings have been combined with those of an old organ.

    I think this pack is ideal for scoring atmospheric scenes, characterized by the polluted, gloomy, enigmatic and mysterious.

    The interface is very nice, it fits quite well into the DAW. It comes with enough controls to achieve incredible variations.

    GuilleDSamplist 22 September 2022