The story

The idea of this was to create a generic sounding string section based entirely on sound synthesis.
Vital was used for synthesis and a blank init preset was created. No wav’s were used in the synthesis just one saw shape as source. Multiple forms of parameter modulation were used on the filters. Because the instrument was then auto sampled out to a decent sampler instrument no adsr was added in vital as the Attack and release envelope are present in the gui of decent sampler. the preset includes an ir reverb with a mix knob chorus and filter.


Eoin O'Dowd


Reviews for Synthetic Strings

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  • Fantastic!!!! I loved it!!!!!!

    The Synthetic Strings sounds so cool!!! I have started using it today in my projects and it really matches with the song I am creating!!!! Keep it up and please do make more like this!!!!

    Neil Nayyar26 July 2023