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I purchased my Kawai K4 brand new in 1990 to use with Cubase on my Atari ST. It was my main keyboard until 1995 when I traded it in for an Alesis QS7. Fast forward to 2006, I am using Cubase on PC and am missing the K4 sounds. I grabbed a cheap K4r from eBay, loaded up all my sounds, a mix of presets and my custom patches and sampled them. I then built my instruments in Kontakt 2. Over the next 15 years I started to make my own music less and less. My computer became too old for the latest music software and my gear ended up in the attic. Late last year I got a new powerful PC and along with that came the itch to start making music again. I found David Hilowitz on YouTube which in turn led me to Pianobook and Decent Sampler. This reminded me of my K4 samples languishing somewhere on an old hard drive, so I converted them all to Decent Sampler instruments, and here they are for everyone to enjoy.

Updated 08/03/22 to fix a problem with the chorus effect that was introduced by an update to Decent Sampler.

*The samplist received permission from Kawai to upload this sample pack to Pianobook. However, the samples are not officially recognised/endorsed/licensed by Kawai, and Kawai does not provide any guarantee over the quality of their content.


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  • Simply awesome!

    These patches are brilliant! I'm a K1 owner so been able to get hold of the K4 sounds was a must for me, even better than I expected. Thank you so much.

    Bullitt Volante26 February 2022
  • Paul you are a legend

    I've always wanted to check out some of the older Kawai synths. This saved me the hassle of having to track one down on craigslist and dropping the money. This sounds just as good as the real deal. Thank you for doing this!

    nino28 April 2022
  • Kawai K4

    Many thanks for these great sounds from a great keyboard!

    Zweistein05 September 2022
  • Captured K4 perfectly

    I haven't been near one for many years. I have a real soft spot for early Rompler Synths of this era, this sounds amazing. Great job.

    LaminarFlow08 April 2022
  • Thanks a Lot!!!

    What a nostalgy...
    I still use K1II, like my midi keyboart.
    K4 owned friend of mine in past time and I envied him...

    Schlus21 March 2024
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