The story

These drums were recorded while I was studying at Abbey Road Institute. The studio had a lovely Natal birch drum kit with Zildjian cymbals that were part of all my projects while I was there. I thought it would be nice to capture some samples before I finished to use them for future projects, and a few years later I turned them into my first virtual instrument.

The drums include bass drum, snare, tom1, floor tom, cymbal, cymbal sizzle, and ride and ride sizzle. All were captured with top-quality microphones including U87s, SM57, Sennheiser 441 and 421, RE20, AKH D12vr and through a lovely analogue Neve Custom 75 console.

To make it even more similar to the experience that I had at the Institute I included a classic warm plate reverb from the Lexicon 300 that we used all the time in the studio.


Reviews for C75 Drums

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  • Love them,

    thank you so much!

    Basscl3f06 October 2023
  • suena buenisimo!!

    muchas gracias bro!! excelente sonido y volumen!!

    loxan05 May 2024
  • i love it

    Not only does it sound great but come in at around 38 mb download. the drums sound deep indicative of the fact the shells are birch. The recorded samples are nice and dry so adding plate or any reverb to them sounds great. This was tested with kontakt 7 and it's seems the styled knobs are not showing. Would love to see this as a decent sampler instrument. thanks for uploading this and phenomenal work for your first kontakt instrument.

    Eoin O'DowdSamplist 21 June 2023