The story

This is a bit of a strange collection, I had bigger plans for a sort of final installment of my “Flow” series of libraries, but after a whole bunch of experiments I didn’t really find anything that was worth putting more effort in. So this ended up being a collection of the best results of the experiments I ran.

There are 5 Patches:
Electric Piano – Sustains: Regular electric piano sustains.
Electric Piano – Tremolos: Similar idea to FlowPiano but with an electric piano.
Mallet 1 – Hits: Physically modeled mallet instrument.
Mallet 2 – Hits: Another physically modeled mallet instrument, different timbre.
Bonus – Synth Plucks: Synth plucks with velocity sensitivity controlling the brightness of the sound.

The electric piano was modeled in Serum. The mallets were created using a convolution technique that amplified the natural resonances of percussion recordings I’ve done, thus making them melodic. The synth plucks are primarily done using Kontakt’s internal effects with the sound source also being made in Serum.

I hope these sounds can be of some use! (I think they make for some good layering to add a unique edge to other sounds)

Reviews for FlowPluck

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  • Custom Knobs

    I really love the implementation of swapping effects using the dropdown menus. It would be awesome to go even further maybe adding one more knob and more choices. My favorite patch is Mallets 2 and I am very inspired by velocity adjusted filter on Synth Plucks. I once tried to make an instrument centered around the practice of adjusting parameters via velocity, and this wonderful instrument inspired me to revisit that idea. Great Job Luke. Love your work.

    Owen BoligSamplist 26 June 2023
  • A great selection of sounds

    The instrument consists of 5 patches as explained all work well and i love the "mallet 1" set of samples with the attack up i can hear almost a blown flute like sound. Everything works really well and sounds great and clean. the UI is simple, clean and easy to understand. my only fault is the mod wheel on the tremolos patch is all the way down and i can't hear anything when i load the patch until i adjust it. i look forward to more packs in the future. Thanks for this.

    Eoin O'DowdSamplist 21 June 2023