A dry violin sampled, looped and mapped with decent sampler................

The story

Up until a week ago i had never played or even picked up a violin before so i thought why not try and sample it how hard can it be right. As it turns it’s very difficult to even play a note never mind an actual tune on a violin. I persisted and with the help of reatune in reaper DAW i began to tune the violin and then pitch corrected to get as close to a true note as possible. Currently only one preset and that is sustain or a bowing loop. All playable notes were recorded and loop points and cross fades applied to each sample. The violin is a generic 4/4 adult violin bought specifically to sample for pianobook. Only one microphone was used to record each note – Lucan system CC200RC All recording and processing was done in reaper with a umc1820 interface. Samples were recorded at 44100hz 24 bit. This sample pack offers no effects like reverb etc instead the recording is as dry as possible.

Requires Decent sampler version 1.4.8

Things to try:
Add reverb and layer with other instruments. The “fine tuning” slider can be automated or modulated to give a vibrato effect on the played samples.


Reviews for Veidhlin

  • Sound
  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Cool, characterful bowed solo strings!

    I have to say that I really like this instrument! it's so authentic sounding and well-recorded. I appreciate that it was recorded dry so that I can my own effects to taste. It's very playable, and it's the perfect thing to create an acoustic sounding drone above which you can then craft other melodic ideas. I found it really inspiring! Thanks so much for a job well done!

    Sam Ecoff03 May 2022
  • A strange, yet familiar textured sound

    This instrument hit me differently. It features a textured sound, almost like a violin one, but not really. It's something different and unique in my opinion. After the sound starts, there is a subby "hit" that seems more noticable in the mid and higher registers, which might need some EQing.

    The GUI is great, and with the Finetune knob available you can do some crazy stuff if you are creative enough.

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022