The story

I’ve had this guitar for years and had great notions of learning and playing it myself but like most things these notions were short lived. I have always wanted to create a sampled virtual instrument and only recently came across decent sampler and pianobook so I thought why not share it with the community.

The guitar recorded was a fairly inexpensive gear4music generic guitar. New strings were added and all samples in the samples folder were recorded in reaper DAW with a behringer usb interface.

The Microphone used for all recordings was a single shure beta 57a within close proximity of the guitar situated from a small acoustic treated room in my family home.

I also added some slapping/percussion sounds the are labeled as s1, s2 etc – these are from the body of the guitar.

I found changing the tuning up and down resulted in atmos like effect and also changing the attack gave a more pad sound.

The AT.wav – aftertouch that can be adjusted by the at slider as well as adsr envelope and reverb and delay were added.

Only one preset is currently available.

*updated : all samples re-recorded at a better quality


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  • Absolutely incredible!

    For a moment, just because the samples were so tiny of 6MB, I was curious. "Is this really low quality, or a virus?" to just be absolutely astonished once I loaded the samples up and played it! Your work is remarkable! Thank you so much Eoin! :D

    Calcifer12 February 2022
  • They say size doesn't matter, and they're right

    This incredibly small pack offers you a pretty nice instrument, the UI is on point and so is the sound. Keep it up! (Also; don't worry if your instrument gets a little large ;) that isn't a bad thing unless you can make something as good sounding as this one with such little space)
    PS: As you can probably tell I'm flabbergasted by the sound : size ratio

    Snake24 May 2022
  • A nice and simple guitar

    This is a fairly simple guitar instrument, well performed and nicely recorded. It comes with some nice fretboard slide sounds (AT setting), which I recommend you bind to a CC setting and activate only when you need it, because if you leave it on it can sound very unnatural. The guitar itself sounds very magical though, almost like a harp!

    Adjusting any slider though seems not to be consistent with the graphics, since if you try to adjust any, you will likely grab the one on the right instead. You have to actually point and click to a bit to the left of each slider. The knobs seem fine, though the included Delay is unfortunately not tempo synced (it sits at 120bpm), so the knob is there to control the volume of it.

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022