Forgotten Guitar

An organic-sounding guitar-like sound created in Vital...

The story

Not so long ago, I learnt a technic to design organic-sounding patches in my favorite synth: Vital.
So a few days ago, I loaded said synth and gave it a try. I wasn’t expecting to end up with such a cool result,
so much so that I decided to make an instrument out of it, for those who don’t have Vital (which is totally free, by the way).
Here is what I came up with!
Although this instrument doesn’t really sound like a guitar, I just found the name sounded cool, so I decided to stick with it.

I would still recommend using the vital preset if you can because it somehow sounds fuller than the sampled version
(to my ear at least) but that’s not a option for you, you still have both!

I also managed to create an impulse response of the reverb from Vital, so if you want to use it in a convolution plugin,
simply use the reverb.wav file.


Leave a review to let others know what you thought of the instrument!

  • Nice organic sound

    I can imagine the roundwound strings in the lower octaves. Usable sound in many styles.

    electri-fire19 October 2021
  • Forgotten something..

    Ok, I was expecting it to sound a bit more like a guitar... but your description is spot on. The mid-low range actually does have a bit more guitar-like sound, but I actually really like the whole sound once I got a feel for the character. The GUI is gorgeous! The sound is a bit forceful, I can imagine it being great for EDM, but I am trying to use it to double for melody or paired with melodic percussion.

    Ada Maskil18 October 2021
  • Simply amazing!

    As a fellow Vital user myself, I thank you for making and sharing this sound, it is wonderful and sounds amazing. Keep up the work!

    Andrew_Reeds12 October 2021