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When I was working on The Synth Orchestra, The process of creating mallet-like sounds became a hobby of mine. I also sampled all of them and put some of my favourites together. I hope you enjoy!
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  • Not just synth mallets!

    Inside this package you will find 6 different instruments to play with. Everything seems simple yet very nicely sampled, and they all play really well out of the box, no exceptions.

    - Starting off with Penzamba, it sounds more like a synthesized harp to my ear. The sound is very dry by default so it'll take effects like a champ.
    - Siano sounds very similar to a piano, but it has a longer and more wet sound to it.
    - SyBell is an actual and trully lovely mallet, with a very nice resonance to it.
    - Sylophone has a more metalic attack, and it sounds better in the high registers.
    - SyMenba is only playable high though, and it features a dry retro pluck sound with an staccato articulation.
    - Last but definitely not least is Syrimba, which as you may have guessed, it is similar to a Marimba, though it is very warm and cute while also sounding synthesized.

    For me the Tone and Reverb settings don't work at all though in any instruments. Not sure what went wrong there. Nevertheless, this is a nice synth collection that will surely enhance your options!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Mallet-inspired synth sounds

    This is an interesting collection of mallet-inspired synth sounds. It's worth noting that while the GUI implies that the tone knob can be controlled by the mod wheel, it doesn't seem to be connected. There are several very playable sounds here which have been well recorded and well edited. There's nothing in this collection which is particularly unique or inspiring, but the sounds are all very solid and well-presented. Great work!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 27 October 2021
  • Pretty useful sounds

    While these sounds aren't very unique, being someone who doesn't generally go for synthesized sounds i actually think these are pretty cool. If anyone has RC 20, i love to use the follow function in the noise module to layer pink noise on-top of synth bells. These sounds would work pretty well in chill house music although i wish i could control the release because it seems fixed the way it is here. This is a cool library as is but if you ever wanted to upgrade it, i would add more adsr controls to this. thanks

    septemberwalk02 November 2021
  • Nice Mallet Assortment

    This pack has a nice assortment of mallet type sounds. A few of the presets have a lot of character and may be useful for sound designer. The only thing I wish the GUI had, was a Decay, Sustain and Release knob! Some of the samples decay for too long, and the addition of these features would make this instrument a lot more usable in different scenarios. Thanks Andrew for releasing this pack :D

    Jake17 October 2021
  • A standard sound...

    Good sound that are well processed except for the occasional velocity issue. Overall a nice library, but the sounds are pretty generic with little control. Works very nicely with the synth orchestra as a type of percussion "expansion" if you will. Great work!

    Christopher28 October 2021
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