Soft String Spurs Extras

Additional viola to add to the original Soft String Spurs...

The story

Welcome to Soft String Spurs Extras, a sample library of my viola, serving as an accompaniment to the original and very successful Soft String Spurs. This library has been such a joy to put together and I hope you enjoy using it just as much as I enjoyed creating it. This library was recorded diatonically using three microphones – a close AKG C451B about 2 feet from the viola and a stereo pair of AKG C214s about 2 metres away. The samples were double-tracked, enabling a rich stereo field. The samples were then edited and processed using echos and reverb and cleaned using RX7.


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    HELL YES. kthanxbye

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Beautiful addition to original

    I already said in my review of soft string spurs that it is by far the best free strings I've ever come across, this extras patch is so cool and unique with the rhythmic "thrumming" sound. My favorite use is to subtly lay it onto of strings for some added texture and interest but i think it also works great on its own. Dans instruments are some of the best on Pianobook

    septemberwalk14 October 2021