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I recently watched Ashton Gleckman’s analysis of Alexandre Desplat’s “The Shape of Water score” on his Youtube channel. You should REALLY check out his channel: BEHIND THE SCORE: One of the things that struck me was the use of a human whistling in the Orchestration. I didn’t have a sample so like all of my PB colleagues, I made my own. Then I wrote a short 8 bar repeating/layered “homage” to the score I’d just listened to. Then I added “Mum’s Accordion”, by another PB Samplist Phil Hartley: as well as my own sampled “Perfectly Imperfect Piano”. Sampling for Pianobook is always an adventure – many thanks to Christian Henson for creating this wonderful community. I hope you can use MY whistling in some of your compositions. It sounds best with a bit of EQ and long reverb, blended with other melodic instruments.


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  • Great Idea! Perhaps lacking detail...

    I've actually been on the hunt for a human whistle instrument, so I got a little excited when I saw this! I think the OC here has a sweet whistle, and I'd love to hear it properly recorded across multiple pitches for real!

    I have to concede, though, that there may not quite be a lot here for me. I had to rename the audio file to get mine working (maybe just me?) and even then found the audio seems to dip upon release at an almost-click level of abruptness. This is easily fixed with an enveloper of course.

    Not a terrible little tool to have for a scracth draft of a piece maybe! Just lacking a bit of substance for me. Keen to hear if the creator decides to release a fuller version down the line :)

    JoelWyb10 January 2022
  • A nice simple whistle sound

    It might just be what you just need, a whistling sound! It's just one sampled note stretched on the keyboard, but it's well recorded and it sounds good.

    I haven't found this before on Pianobook, so it's great to have access to it! If you are a Windows user, you can even use it in Kontakt by finding opening the sample (.wav file) through it, or just drag-n-drop it! Just be sure to de-tune it 4 semi-tones in order to get it to get a proper tuning.

    Alex Raptakis25 December 2021
  • Kind of limiting but pretty cool anyway

    Im not usually a fan of these one sample stretched instruments but this one is pretty cool. Its uniquely organic being that it comes from a real person whistling. I think it could be a pretty cool starting point for some interesting sound design too. After hearing this id be really interested to try a melodic legato human whistle instrument

    septemberwalk25 December 2021