Rob’s Rumpfs

What started as a Timpani - morphed into a Rumpf!.........

The story

SOUND DESIGN – What started out as a “Patio Table Tennis Ball Timpani”, morphed into “Rob’s Rumpfs”. When I first dropped the tennis ball onto our large metal patio table seats 10, my first thought was – AHA! A TIMPANI! – but once I recorded the sound it soon became evident that as a Timpani, it wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped, so I shelved the file. Fast forward 6 months and viola (I know), Rob’s Rumpfs come to life. I’ve sectioned the Rumpfs into two sections as you’ll see in the GUI and in the video demo: Forward and Reverse. To enable you to craft your own FX, I placed the raw sounds at C3 (forward) and F#5 (Reverse). I added some pre-made FX which you’ll find by playing the other notes in each range. NOTE: the distortion in some of the samples is manufactured. The TAILS are purposely long (play the demo video) to give you ample flexibility in your use of the samples in your sound design. Have fun!


Reviews for Rob’s Rumpfs

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  • Deep sub sounds!

    This relatively small package will grant you access to some very big and very deep sub-frequency sounds. There are basically 2 main "hits (C3 and C#3), 3 rhythmic sequences, (D3, D#3, E3) and then you have the reversed section which has both rhytmic and non-rhythmic ones.

    The only downside on this is that the rhythmic section follows a fixed 120bpm, so outside of that it's going to be hard to use. The rest of the sounds though are not bound to anything, and they are worth it in my opinion!

    Alex Raptakis15 March 2022