Buwa’s Harmonium

A restored harmonium at least a hundred years old...

The story

– Restored an old no-brand-name harmonium which belonged to my late grandfather.
– Repair people said it’s at least a hundred years old, if not older.
– Samples recorded with a ZOOM H5n.
– I use to call him BUWA which in Nepali means father.


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  • A Good Start, but needs work

    This harmonium was well recorded, but the sample start times don't appear to be correctly adjusted. I'm a big fan of tight start times, but much of the attack portion of the samples seems to be clipped off with the current settings. Every key on this instrument was sampled, so it's clear that some time and effort went into creating this sample pack, but that same care doesn't seem to have carried into the Kontakt programming. Maybe some other folks in the PB community can take the time to give this instrument the tweak it deserves.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • Very inspiring sound but some improvement needed

    The sound is incredible, but unfortunately a lack of Kontakt programming makes the library pretty unusable. For instance, some of the start points of the notes are clipping- which can be fixed with an attack envelope. The samples also don't loop, so it's not possible to play drones!

    Angus Roberts-Carey11 October 2021