Rob’s Toy Darbuka

A toy percussion instrument converted to a keyboard instrument...

The story

Pulled from my collection of toy instruments – this is my toy DARBUKA. Because it’s a percussion instrument converted here into a pitched keyboard instrument, there’s virtually no sustain. Changing the ATTACK however makes for an interesting change in the sound. The video here features three different attack settings. The home “tap” I sampled happens to resonate at C3. This particular toy is a Meinl Percussion HE-053 Lacquered Aluminum Mini Darbuka with Synthetic Head, 4 1/2-Inch Wide x 7 3/4-Inch Tall.


Reviews for Rob’s Toy Darbuka

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  • Sounds great, it's like a synth pluck! However...

    This actually sounds pretty good, with it's a plucky character I can see its uses.
    However, I personally find the lack of a reverb knob/slider and a reverb just baked into the sound, I don't really like, so personally, it is better if there was a setting to adjust the reverb, so if I actually wanted to use just the dry sound, I have an option too.
    But yeah in general, pretty good small library!

    SkippZii28 February 2022
  • An interesting pluck sound

    This instrument offers an interesting attacky sound that features a strong attack, which can be greatly changed by messing with the attack knob. After the initial attack, there is a very quick sub-ish followup sound that is more audible with headphones, but if it's something that bothers you, I bet it's easily fixed with some EQ.

    Alex Raptakis14 March 2022