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Reviews for Beep Boop

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  • Outstanding beepy goodness

    Beep Boop absolutely delivers on its promise of beep boopy sorts of noises. The built-in arp is simple to use yet adds a level of adventure to the beeps but the magic really comes from the multi-mod wheels for effects, arp and envelope control; they make it trivial to fiddle with the sound to make completely different sorts of beeps. And they're pre-mapped to CCs 14-16 which shows how a bit of automation is a perfect way to get the best out of the beeps.

    It's a bit random and totally bonkers but really cool!

    Giles M11 April 2022
  • Beep-boop perfection!

    Beep boop. This is perfectly crafted instrument and I recommend it to everyone! I liked every piece of it, and it has incredible potential. I managed to find the extra presets hidden in the snapshot folder, and I loved them all! Everything plays really nicely, and if you don't like the infinite repetition of the sequencer, you can turn it off and design your own patterns. I am sad though because my previous review got removed because it was in binary... Beep boop.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Pretty freaking awesome!!!

    Everything about this instrument is top notch. This looks, feels, and plays like a totally pro instrument. The UI is amazing. It's super functional, but it's also really stylish and fun. Such an inspiring instrument. We can only hope from more greatness from oblig soon!!!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 26 October 2021
  • An arp with finesse

    I have to join the choir of praises here. Not only the GUI is extraordinairy. The better: All functions here with their clever color coding plus the randomise functions give a loads of fun and usefullness. Simple and powerful. Really great!

    thomekk31 October 2021
  • Great Sound!

    Love it! This is a great little instrument, The Gui is amazing

    Bibbster19 February 2022
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