The story

It’s been a while since I created the original Kontakt Script Generator, and the incredible Owen Bolig had some ideas to add in to make it even quicker and easier to use, plus a project idea of his own to help people learn more about scripting.

So I grabbed a few of my dog’s squeaky toys and recorded them using a couple of AKG 414’s in a close mic and room mic figuration. I then used the instrument I built with those samples to demo the new version of the Kontakt Script Generator, which I hope will help people to script GUIs in Kontakt a lot easier, and a lot quicker.

Here’s the link to the video where I go through how I used the generator to create the controls for Squeaky Toys of Doom:

Owen’s annotated Kontakt Playground to help people develop their scripting knowledge even further is also on here, check out his profile for a link to that, it’s a fantastic resource.

Have fun using the instrument and the generator and let me know how you get on!


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