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It’s time once again to show you what’s in my drawers! Back in April of 2020 when I released the original Sam’s Drawers, I didn’t sample the small electronic instruments which reside in the bottom drawer of the Malm dresser in my studio. I’ve used the sounds I gathered from them to create Sam’s Drawers 2, and divided the resulting sounds into four Kontakt 6 instruments: Sam’s Basses has 39 bass sounds, Sam’s Drum Menus offers 44 menus of electronic percussion, Sam’s Keys offers 88 keyboard sounds, and the exclusive Sam’s Kits is a collection of 12 curated drum kits and a drum computer.

Message me on Discord or e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll send you the NKI

Get the original Sam’s Drawers (now in a revised version!) here:

Sam’s Drawers


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  • Big thanks.

    Amazing quality and infinitely usable.

    MrAres05 December 2022
  • Great sounds

    This is a massively useful collection of sounds and I've throughly enjoyed playing around with them.

    If I had a wish, it would be that there was a GM-pattern drum kit rather than assembling my own from the sounds.

    Oh wait - could there actually be a kit available for leaving a review - we shall find out!

    EDIT: Yes and so much yes. Not only is it mapped kits - and not only are they majestic and almost every kind of kit you could need - there's a sequencer built in! Oh my how you've excelled...

    QorbeQSamplist 05 December 2022
  • Sam's Drawers 2

    This is great. All the sounds are quite usable. A welcomed addition to my arsenal of sounds. In fact, I'm using them on a new piece I'm working on!

    Sir05 December 2022
  • Amazing

    A huge diversity of sounds, you can do anything with these drawers ! Thank you Sam !

    Mathis27 January 2024
  • The Drawers Have Ears!

    Simply brilliant... Must have collection especially for those making electronic/lo-fi/retro/pop sorts of styles but probably something in these drawers for everyone- maybe except purist orchestral composers. The added effects section with a bitcrusher as well is just the icing on the cake. Stellar work!

    Gabriel Collins06 January 2024
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