The story

Hello again!

To keep it short and sweet, here is a collection of misfit Kontakt / sampler projects
that I wasn’t quite too sure what to do with. Most of these I wouldn’t call ready to release
on their own for various reasons (mostly project scale / concept success) but I enjoy them
nonetheless and felt like there was strength in numbers, and that maybe they would inspire
others out there to do better things with them.

Most of these I primarily think are “fun” and so the name Pianobook Party Pack seemed apt.

Here’s what’s included:

– Christmas Cracker Fipple Set
a bunch of little flutes you get as party favors from those Christmas Cracker sets
– Jazzmaster ITB
a light and unrealistic sampling of my Jazzmaster, with robins hardpanned for playing lush chords
– Small Metal Bowl
I don’t even remember recording this one, but its 3 velocity layers of a small metal bowl
– Trillwind Recorder Clusters
a bunch of wholetone trills on recorder at various speeds spread across the keyboard
– Vibrato Roulette I
a bunch of random instruments played one-shot with a little vibrato, heavily robined and drenched
– Wholetone Bendies
my lapsteel bending up a whole tone spread across the keyboard

I want to be able to continue releasing smaller concept instruments into the wild,
with less focus on creating a very complete and playable / dynamic tool, and so this is
Party Pack #1, with hopefully more to come eventually.

Anyway, thanks for checking these out and I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Reviews for Pianobook Party Pack I

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  • Inspiration
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  • A special mix of twisted sounds

    I keep coming across small gems like this on pianobook repeatedly. The sounds are unique, well made and have a lot of special character to them. Some had major Johann Johansson vibes immediately.

  • A special mix

    Very usable sounds in good quality and without noise. I had fun playing it although I had heard most of the sounds... but I found the Recorder Sample totally unique and very inspiring. A download is worthwhile.

    DaveWild23 May 2022
  • Nice and simple

    This is a very barebones bundle that feautres six different instruments for both lead and side/sfx purposes. Although most are on the noisy side, they do sound great and interesting for sure. The bendies and clusters are very well done too!

    What I am really drawn to though, is the first one with the mini flutes, the Christmas one! I really, really like it, and I think it's worth it for you to check this out just because of that! I bet it would make it much more interesting with some ADSR shaping and some reverb, but it's lovely either way!

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022